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Canadian ERTSAR team return from New York Hurricane Sandy recovery deployment

ERTSAR’s Canadian team deployed to New York’s Staten Island, hosted and supported by a very active community partner in the recovery efforts, Reverend Daniel Delgado who has been instrumental in the response and recovery efforts following the devastating super storm for the community in Staten Island and beyond.  ERTSAR was in touch with the US Government when the disaster happened and within 4 weeks after the Department of State in New York coordinated the humanitarian response and connected the two groups, ERTSAR and Third Day Missions (a long term disaster recovery group serving Staten Island and the tri-state area) to work together in a multitude of capacities.  This included:

·         Felling and cutting trees with chainsaws and debris removal

·         Entering underground flooded basements using specialised Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

·         Reconnaissance, Investigating and reporting on damaged areas

·         Pumping out water laden buildings with generators and water pumps on 24 hour cycles

·         Fixing and restoring damaged property using power tools

·         Delivering aid such as food, clothing and blankets

·         Assisting local residents impacted by the disaster at a Christmas banquet for 600 Sandy victims

·         Working  with other disaster teams in the area, from police to churches and developing strategies for future recovery

Governor Cuomo’s officer in New York was very complimentary about the work and aid brought together by the partnership of Third Day Missions and Rev. Daniel Delgado with the Canadian ERTSAR Team.   The ERTSAR team comprised of 2 former Canadian Police Officers, 2 Toronto Paramedics, a Canadian Forces Military Veteran (with tours in Afghanistan) and 3 (pre-service) Fire and Rescue aspirants. They returned to Toronto on Thursday 20th December 2012.

SAR Chief Gary Foo said, “The wake of destruction was overwhelming.  Many homes completely levelled and destroyed and many residents lost everything.  There were stories of people who lost loved ones and suffered extreme loss and yet they thanked us for coming.  We were so humbled by the resilience and generosity of the American people. “


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