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Pakistan Earthquake – 2005

On 8th October 2005 a 7.6 mag Earthquake hit Pakistan causing severe destruction as a result. Well over $5 billion (400 billion Pakistani Rupees) Aid arrived from all around the world with American US marine helicopters stationed in neighbooring Afghanistan quickly flew in aid to the devastated region. Five crossing points were opened between India and Pakistan to facilitate the flow of humanitarian and medical aid to the affected region, and international aid teams from around the world came to the region to assist in relief.

ERT Search and Rescue deployed in the Allai Valley working through major areas not easily accessed. We arrived in Islamabad / (Chukklala) and working through Abbottabad (Ayub Medical Building) Hospital, Mansherra, Battagram, Balakot (which was over 80% destroyed) Banna, Paasto, Serai and a few other tehsils / villages in the few weeks we stayed there.

ERTSAR capacity deployed as a crossed trained Tech / Medical Rescue team capable of covering many miles on foot and helicopter to access areas in the mountains of the Allai Valley suffering from a complete communication blackout (no TV, radio, mail, computers or telephone.)

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