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UK Oxfordshire Floods – 2007

In July 2007 England was hit with massive flooding. ERTSAR formed part of the UK government’s Emergency Response by providing highly trained Water Rescue Teams and Medics to support the professional and life saving efforts of Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue.  Working with Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service – Members of ERTSAR worked daily for a week on 24 hour call outs responding to dozens of flooding emergencies and helping hundreds of families all over the county of Oxfordshire.

This included Oxford, Abingdon,  Wallingford, Henley On Thames and other areas.  ERTSAR Leaders attended briefings with Silver Command at Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Headquarters in Kidlington and deployed to calls as directed from the control room.

Members of ERTSAR and the Fire Service, many of whom lived locally and who’s own homes and families were affected by the flood – worked around the clock answering the overwhelming number of calls for assistance.

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