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UK Snow and Ice 4X4 Response – 2010

In January 2010 we were deployed working for the Emergency Services due to the heavy snow, ice and cold weather.  Our 4X4s are large powerful vehicles which carry winter kit, medical and emergency response equipment.  We also have Communications, Command Support, Technical Rescue, Road Traffic and special navigation and access equipment on board.

Two members were called by Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service to transport Oxfordshire County Council staff who are sending professional Home Support Workers many miles all over the county and remote areas to ensure that vulnerable people and elderly are looked after.

Members who responded with the Police in the smaller villages and harder to access areas of the Chilterns over Oxfordshire. As many at 5 or 6 of our 4X4s were loaded with medical gear, medical gases, defibrillators, trauma packs and splints, food and water, rescue gear, ropes, snow, grit, mats,  etc.

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