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UK Stroud Missing Person – 2010

On 6th October 2010, ERTSAR was called by the Police to deploy their Tailing Dog, Casper and handler Jonathan with a strong support Tracking Team.

The team deployed following the Police call out for a High Risk MisPer (Missing Person) in the Stroud, Gloustershire area. The Police Search Advisor (POLSA) deployed ERTSAR in the field, supported by police helicopters above and police search specialists in the area of probability. The terrain was mostly rural with fast moving water courses and open fields.

ERTSAR initially began the search a the missing person’s house which was also the Last Known Place and obtained a scent article which was offered to the dog for a ‘Trailing’ search.  Within a very short amount of time the team were “running” behind the SAR dog, who was trailing the scent – though fields and low running water, brooks, climbing up walls and over gates and into bushes.

Occasionally the scent went cold and the team reverted to ‘mantracking’ techniques in the area combining the effective use of human searchers and a trained search dog.

We finally found the MisPer in the woods. Sadly they had committed suicide in the water, in an area that had already been searched. Anyone could have missed him. He was hidden and in a precarious and unusual position, covered from plain view.

A sad result but one which allows closure for the positive find. The team was thanked by the Police, especially Casper!

(Casper was trained over near three years with Jonathan and the Police and they have worked on hundreds of hours of search. Handler Jonathan has worked with many Police Agencies and been a member of ERTSAR since the first year it started.)

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