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ERTSAR Receive Donation of DELSAR and Searchcams from SAVOX Communications


The team are very pleased to announce the donation of thousands of pounds worth of USAR rescue kit from Nick White, International Sales Manager at SAVOX Communications, manufacturer of Searchcam and DELSAR victim location equipment based in the UK.


Mr White had spoken to our SAR Chief, Gary Foo, and generously offered a DELSAR 4 pod Life Detector, a Searchcam 2000 – plus an additional Mongoose short extension cam, extra extendable arms, rechargeable batteries, all in Pelican boxes.

A DELSAR is a seismic listening device, used to locate victims trapped in collapsed structures by triangulating sounds transmitted through rubble, pipes and rebar. These devices are invaluable for saving victims in the aftermath of earthquakes and disasters. Searchcams are an important tool when deploying to and working on the rubble and allow us to see into voids and confined spaces to locate and communicate with victims.

SAR Chief, Gary Foo said: “This is an incredible donation. Our technical search capability has been hugely enhanced with the kind and useful donation by Nick White and the SAVOX company to our charity. This will allow our specially trained volunteers to search for trapped victims following an earthquake or structural collapse. We are so grateful to Nick and SAVOX for their generous support of our work.

We are very grateful to SAVOX for their extremely kind and generous donation. This kit will be put to good use for training the team and on deployments to disasters across the globe.


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