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ERTSAR swift water rescue scenario weekend in the Lake District


The ERTSAR team spent the weekend in the Lake District with their Swift-water Rescue Technicians and new members running water rescue scenarios, training, paddle boat exercises and a night search and rescue scenario.

Special thanks to Howie Crook, Director of Water Rescue ( and his young volunteer ‘victims’ for helping out with logistics and making the night exercise even more challenging!

The ERTSAR team train across multiple disciplines including swift water rescue, USAR (collapsed structure rescue), search, survival, high-angle rope rescue and more. Often, skills can cross between disciplines; rope skills are used in a swift water environment, and the ability to search for a casualty or missing individual in a marine utilises the skills of traditional lowland search.

ERTSAR are a DEFRA flood response asset in the UK. We are grateful to the Department for Transport for the grant we received at the end of 2016 which enabled us to purchase new marine rescue equipment which was utilised in these training  scenarios.

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