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ERTSAR rescue from collapsed structures (USAR) training weekend

breaking4The team recently completed USAR training, kindly hosted by the West Yorkshire Fire Service. Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) refers to the location and extrication of victims from collapsed structures, such as in the aftermath of an earthquake. These skills make up an important part of our response ability when deploying to countries affected by all types of disaster. USAR techniques were employed by our Canadian team members when deploying to Staten Island, New York, after Hurricane Sandy.

The team are trained in the use of search cameras and DELSARs – seismic and acoustic listening devices to locate people trapped or entombed within collapsed buildings. Training also includes breaking and breaching reinforced concrete, shoring methods used to make safe an entryway into a compromised structure, lifting and moving heavy objects from a rubble pile, scene safety, PPE and more.

ERTSAR recently received an extremely kind donation of a 4 sensor DELSAR and three search cameras plus kit from SAVOX Communications.


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